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Before his involvement in the film business Craig Hosking spent several years as an air show pilot performing unlimited, low-level aerobatics in literally hundreds of air shows. He developed the most unusual airplane to ever perform on the air show circuit. It is a Pitts Special which Craig installed landing gear on the top of, allowing inverted take offs and landings. A slightly bizarre plane, “Double-Take” and Craig rocketed to the top of the air show world making him the recipient of the industry’s most prestigious award given to the top air show pilot in the world. Bringing this “anything is possible” attitude into the film business Craig has been involved in some of the most unusual and exciting aerial projects. Craig is the only pilot in the world that has intentionally crashed three airplanes and all of those stunts were accomplished in perfect safely. A skilled and accomplished pilot in over 250 airplane types Craig Hosking is licensed to fly single engine airplanes, multi-engine airplanes, floatplanes, gliders and jets. Craig can handle literally anything you can dream up. Some of his favorite airplanes to fly include the Stearman Bi-plane; the P-51 WW II fighter; the Grob sailplane: and a de Havilland Beaver on floats.