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Craig created a trailer designed specifically for his helicopter. The design allows the helicopter to be loaded and unloaded in only about an hour. Transporting by road is much less expensive than flying the helicopter to location. The net effect is often a saving of thousands of dollars. Additionally, since it can travel during the nighttime and through bad weather it is often much quicker that flying. It is the perfect solution for those distant locations where a local helicopter is difficult to find or may require a ferry flight from another city. Often Craig has been about to transport and shoot in Southern Florida cheaper than a helicopter can be ferried in from another location. Additionally the camera system can often travel with the helicopter in the trailer saving thousands on dollars on freight as well as the risk of a possible shipping delay or loss of the camera system. On a recent Nike Commercial, using team drivers, Craig shot in LA on a Thursday afternoon, loaded the helicopter into the trailer and shot sunrise and sunset in Cleveland on Saturday and then sunrise in L.A. on the next Monday. It is truly an incredible system that can greatly enhance your options.