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Although most people think of Craig Hosking as a helicopter pilot, he is equally accomplished and skilled in fixed wing aircraft. During his flying career before becoming a film pilot full time, Craig was often found performing unlimited aerobatics in air shows, seeding fog in zero visibility conditions in a light twin or transporting executives in private jets. This foundation allows Craig to fly literally any airplane needed for a shot. He has developed several camera systems to accomplish many specialty shots.

Craig saw the need to develop a camera system for an aircraft in the medium speed range. There are several systems for use in helicopters and few for Lear Jets but nothing in the medium speed range. As the owner of an Aerostar twin-engine airplane, Craig had the perfect platform and along with some of the finest engineers and designers in the business, several mounts for the Aerostar were created on both the nose and tail. Most exciting is the ability to mount ShotOver cameras on both the nose and the tail of the Aerostar or both simultaneously. Unlike other camera systems it allows an unrestricted view of the sky without seeing the aircraft. Since it can pan, tilt and roll in unlimited directions, it allows shots to be composed in ways never offered in any other airplane or jet based camera system. The system is simply superior to any other fixed wing system.

Craig has full access to either of the Lear Jet based camera systems in town. He is experienced with both Astrovision and Vector Vision and has filmed dozens of features and commercials from both systems. Craig and is one of very few pilots that have been allowed to fly in close formation with the Stealth Bomber and the President’s Air Force One 747 and has filmed every aircraft in both the Air Force and Navy’s fleet as well as live gunfire and missile launches. Craig has even filmed from the back seat of an F-14 in supersonic flight and is the only U.S. Lear Jet pilot that has been allowed to join in tight formation with the Patrouille de France.