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With over 30 years of experience flying literally every type of camera mount and system in existence, Craig Hosking brings a full arsenal of capabilities to every project that he undertakes. He understands the nuances of how each of the different mounts can and need to be flown, allowing the cameraman to achieve the best possible results for the system in use. Whether it’s hard driving aerobatics, a chase through the city and under a bridge or a serene establishing shot over a placid background at sunset, Craig knows how to get the shot better than anyone in the business.

Having spent several years during the early part of his flying career doing precision sling work building Ski Lifts, Power Lines and transporting Core Drilling rigs, Craig Hosking refined his ability to master long line sling rigs. He has brought this skill to Hollywood developing several camera rigs that can be suspended below the helicopter with a long line cable. This allows the rotor wash, noise and shadow to be well away from the shot. Craig can then put the camera in places that a normal helicopter shot can’t take you or use extremely wide lenses that would normally see the rotors of other parts of the helicopter. This system is particularity well suited over water where seeing a camera boat wake is undesirable, or following vehicles through narrow passages such as a forest. The only limitations are your imagination but Craig Hosking has used this technique to film waterfalls for Indiana Jones 4; boats and bicycles for Eat, Pray, Love; vehicle and driving shots for several other features and literally dozens of car, motorcycle, boat and jet-ski commercials.