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Growing up with a fully equipped dark room in his house, Craig Hosking has always been interested in everything to do with the camera. Developing his own negatives and personally hand printing his photos gave Craig a deep understanding of all of the elements of capturing images. His early photographic interests included low light landscapes along with several published underwater images. His early aerial images won several awards. Craig Hosking's entrance into live action commercials and features came through his expertise as an accomplished pilot. Qualified to fly literally any aircraft, Craig has been the “go to” guy on most of Hollywood’s top features and commercials. He has worked on more than 150 Features and over 200 Commercials. Because he understands, light, composition and how to move the camera, particularly in the 3rd dimension, his skills as a camera pilot have become legendary. The natural transition has been into the world of Second Unit Directing. He has independently created action sequences as well as artistically beautiful images on The Aviator, The Dark Knight, Indiana Jones 4, Clear and Present Danger, Jurassic Park 3, Executive Decision, Miami Vice, Space Cowboys, Alaska, The General’s Daughter, Sum of All Fears and many others.